bank data sh▓owed that banks in August made 529 billion yuan ▓in household loans, with mortgages accounting for 55.7 percent of the total.Since Sept.30, a dozen cities, including both f▓irst-tier cities such as Beijing and Shenzhen as well as smaller cities, have rolled out policies ra▓nging from higher down payments

s of the city, local residents

to home purchase restrictions

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to curb speculative housing purchases.Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the People's Bank of China, said the Chinese government is very concerned about the recent rise in home prices and will take act▓ive measures to regulate the market.He made the remar▓ks while co-chairing t

he Fourth G20 Finance Ministers and ▓Central Bank Governors Meeting with Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei in Washington Thursday.COO▓LING DOWNSun Qiang, a real estate agen▓t in northern Beijing, believes that the higher down payment minimums introduced on Sept.30 have disc

ouraged many buyers."I was busy for all of September, and I even took 10 groups of clients to▓ see houses one d

ay," he said. "But during the first three days of the National Day holiday (Oct. 1-7), I on▓ly received two groups."Hu Jinghui, vice president of leading real estate agency 5i5j, said records▓ show that purchase contracts for 204 new houses in Beijing were signed from Oct. 1 to 6, down 73.7 percent from the same period

in September▓ and a year-on-year drop of 42.2 perc▓ent.According to the Hangzhou branch of 5i5j▓, an estimated 20 to 30 percent of clients will cancel or delay home buying plans due to credit tightening.In Tianjin, the actual transaction volume for pre-owned houses through during the National Day ho▓liday dropped by

50 percent from the same period of September.WAIT-AND-SEE"The slack market d▓uring the holiday could partially be the result of people traveling. We will spend some more time observing the market reaction to ▓readjust our sales strategy," said Mr Zhan▓g, a real estate agent in Beijing.Zhang Jie, he▓ad of, a Hangzhou-b

gistration certi ficat▓e) who own one or more houses will no t be able t?/a> 坥 buy either new or pre -owned houses.First- ti▓me home buyers will be required to make a minimum down payment of 30 percent, comp ar▓ed to 20 percent p reviously.Statistics s how over 90 percen t of cit ies surveyed i▓n August r eported new home p rice rises, 正阳县wap 谷城县wap 江北区5G 枞阳县5G 肇庆市wap 集贤县5G 上饶县5G 潞西市wap 沭阳县wap 彭州市wap 井陉县wap 全椒县5G 汕头市wap 陵川县wap 东兴市5G 永济市wap 光山县5G 玉田县wap 莱芜市5G 依安县wap 新开电信传奇私服网 新开单职业打金传奇私服 传奇私服收费外挂网 九彩影月传奇私服 新开传奇私服1.76毁灭 传奇私服合击版本网站 传奇私服外挂简单挂 新开176复古传奇私服 微端传奇私服网 变态传奇私服新开网站